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Program Overview

Dorsey High School is located in the inner city of Los Angeles. The Math/Science Magnet has a population of approximately 250 students, grades 9 through 12, 75% African American 24% Hispanic and 1% Asian and Caucasian. A Magnet Coordinator, an academic counselor, a clerk, and 11 highly motivated and dedicated teachers administer the program. Smaller classes, selected staff, and an active parent organization facilitate the development of a comprehensive academic program.

Educational Philosophy

This program is designed for a highly motivated, self—discplined, self-directed student, who is goal-oriented and tenacious. Math/Science curriculum is the major focus, and we hope to attract students who are interested in pursuing careers in these areas; however, students who are successful with this rigorous course of study will he successful in most career choices.

The Math/Science Magnet is a college incentive magnet. Academic courses are rigorous and most classes utilize computers. Students who successfully complete program offerings/requirements, exceed the standards for UC and Cal State entrance. The school offers AP and honors classes in social science, science, math, Spanish and English. Magnet students ate required to take four yeats of English and are strongly encouraged to take four years of math and science, and three years of a foreign language. It is our goal that every student maintains a C or better in every class.

Program Objectives

  • To create within the student the philosophy of being self- self—motivated and self—disciplined;
  • To become computer literate;
  • To increase competencies in math and science;
  • To increase the number of students enrolled in and passing Advanced Placement math and science classes;
  • To increase the number of qualified students enrolled in honors and Advanced Placement classes;
  • To develop competency in oral language and public speaking;
  • To develop time management skills;
  • To help students gain a greater awareness of their potential;
  • To instill within students the in of community involvement;
  • To assist students with gaining greater knowledge of math and science careers;
  • To encourage students to value knowledge, its power and its positive force
Academic Enrichment

The MESA Program (Math Engineering Science Achievement), and FSEA (Future Scientists and Engineers of America), are both enrichment programs in math and science. The MESA Program seeks to ensure that under-represented students meet the requirements for UCLA and other UC campuses. The college curriculum for this program is interfaced with the standard curriculum in selected science and math honors classes. FSEA is a nationally acclaimed science program, which meets on a weekly basis. Both programs offer students hands-on scientific experiences. We strongly encourage and recommend that students become involved in these activities.

Circle Scholars Honor Society

The Math/Science Magnet understands the importance of a sound, competitive, academic program. Qualifications for this honor society include a minimum of 1000 on the SAT or 22 on the ACT, a minimum 3.0 GPA per semester for four years. Students must be of sound character and demonstrate academic integrity. Students meeting the criteria for membership are awarded academic sweaters, pins and wear gold cords at graduation. This is an effort to reward students for their academic accomplishments and to encourage students to strive for excellence. Math/Science Magnet students have been majority recipients of this award.

Post Secondary Education

Ninety-five to 97% of magnet students attend a post-secondary institution. Approximately 50% of our graduating seniors are accepted at and attend major UC campuses eg. UCLA, UC Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Davis, or Cal State. The remaining 50% attend community colleges, technical training schools, or continue their education via military service.

Community Service

Service to one's community strengthens and builds character, instills a sense of responsibility, promotes student awareness, facilitates a strong community bond, and meets the requirements of the Cal State and UC systems. Students must commit to a minimum of 30 hours per school year in order to fulfill all magnet requirements and receive a Math/Science Magnet tassel upon graduation.

Enrichment Activities

Magnet students'leadership abilities are demonstrated in every aspect of student life at Dorsey Senior High School.

Students are members of the junior and senior class steering committees, they hold student body and class offices, are members of the School Site Council, and are members of school interviewing committees.

Students participate in medical internships and symposiums in state and across the nation. Magnet students also play major roles on the athletic teams for the school.

Parent Involvement

The Math/Science Magnet recognized that it truly does take a village to raise a child. We adhere to the "whole child" philosophy. Parents are an intricate and crucial part of our program.

We strongly encourage parents to join our Math/Science Magnet Parent Organization, and become active participants in the education of children.

We are committed to academic excellence, and our goal is for every child to be successful.

If this is your philosophy, then, this is the Magnet for you!