Dorsey High School

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The School of Digital Film and Theater Arts



Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program

Within this program, students serve as researchers and habitat restorers. 30-60 students are served each year.

Los Angeles Education Partnership

For three years, this partnership has worked with approximately 25 Arts and Humanities teachers, counselors, and administrators, to support cross-curricular lessons that focus on project –based learning.

Outward Bound Adventures, Inc.

For five years, this partner has helped to fund backcountry expeditions with the Nature Bridge organization. Students were familiarized with plant ecology and fire restoration. Approximately 30 students per year have participated.

Students Run Los Angeles (SRLA)

This is a citywide program where 20-30 Students prepare for and run the Los Angeles Marathon in March each year. Students train three days per week under the guidance of Mr. Sheehan, the onsite marathon runner.

The Sierra Club

For two years, Dorsey has won a grant of $10,000 to engage students in outdoor adventures, while highlighting environmental issues. The grants paid for outdoor equipment and transportation to the site of the expedition. Approximately 30 students per year have been served.

20th Century Fox

Approximately 25 students travel to Fox Studios twice monthly. They meet with an executive who shows student what s/he does at Fox, and helps students plan their careers, complete college applications, offer high school support, and future goal setting. 

The School of Business and Entrepreneurship



Audubon Middle School Mentorship Program

Students visit Audubon to assist teachers and act as mentors for 6th grade students, which builds confidence and leadership skills necessary to be successful in business.

Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant Management

Students will learn how to manage a restaurant using actual case studies and training from Buffalo wild Wings.

Dorsey Enterprise

Students will run our culinary arts kitchen as an actual student-operated restaurant. Business students will manage the restaurant, while culinary arts students will prepare gourmet dishes to serve.

Junior Achievement (JA)

JA provides multiple programs such as Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Business Economics to equip SBE students with skills necessary for success.

L.A. future Academies: Chiat/Day

This year long program teaches students different aspects of business marketing. Students visit the TBWA/Chiat/Day agency to learn from the #1 advertising agency in the world; then create marketing campaigns for actual businesses.

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Program (NFTE)

This is a yearlong program that teaches students how to build and operate their own businesses and prepare for the National Business Plan competition, with a $25,000 prize package.

TJX Youth Business Institute

Students will attend an 11-week professional development program taught by TJ MAXX, Marshalls, and Home Goods associates, which focuses on careers in the retail business, work preparation, and business networking. Students have an opportunity to earn scholarships up to $5000.

UCLA Bruin Corp Tutors

UCLA sends tutors to assist students in Algebra I and to advise on getting into college. 100+ students are served.

USC Connection

Students attend USC Business classes and complete college level assignments in order to receive the same business knowledge as USC business students, which give them an advantage when continuing their post-secondary education. The number of students is contingent on the class count and available spaces determined by the USC Professor.

The Math, Science, and Technology Magnet



ACE Mentoring

Students learn the process of erecting a building from the dirt to the finished product. They build models and create designs, and enter a competition for the best-finished model/design product. Students meet twice monthly on campus.

ACE LA Website


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California Writing Project

Based at UC Berkeley, the California Writing Project provides opportunities for students to write on current issues and publish their writing in print and online. 

Mothers of Many Organization

Computer science partnership with Microsoft Policy Development and Innovation Headquarters. Faculty will become Microsoft certified and students will be taught how to write codes for computer programming.


Mentor teacher and students go on field trips that emphasize robotics. This organization helps to fund the robotics program.

UCLA Robotics

This pathway, under the guidance of Dr. Amadi, will host the robotics competition.

UCLA Writing Project

Provides opportunities for students to participate in a program to improve their analytical writing in preparation for college.  Students participate in pre and post testing, using the same English placement test given to incoming UCLA freshmen.  During the year, the teacher provides lessons designed to help student improve their writing.

Volunteers of America Upward Bound

Students attend 4 hours of tutoring during the week and Saturday workshops every other Saturday for enrichment and preparation for college. 

West Los Angeles Community College Upward Bound

Students are tutored after school twice a week.

The Law and Public Service Magnet



American Corporate Counsel Association

Provides students with mock trial and college prep materials and a field trip to Southwestern Law school each year

Black Prosecutors of Los Angeles

Invites 12 students to serve as interns in the Prosecutor’s Office each year

Black Women Attorneys

Gives two workshops on issues affecting teens and mentors six students each year

Junior Firefighter Youth Foundation: (L.A. County and City Fire Department) 

Provides students with workforce readiness skills to become Firefighters, EMTs or Paramedics.  

Justice Laura Cohen and the Appellate Court

Sends 30-40 students annually to Appellate Court to observe actual hearings and interview judges

Justice Candace Cooper with the Appellate Court

Conducts actual Appellate Court on Dorsey’s Campus—invites 20 students

League of Women Voters

Invites 7-12 students per year to Running and Winning Forum

Loyola Law School

Young Lawyers Program teaches students how to prepare for Mock Trial. Serves approximately 12 students per year

Public Defender’s Office

Conducts workshops on Rights Affecting Young Adults – approximately 75 students annually

Sidley Austin

Assists with Mock Trial competition—serves 12-15 students, exposes students to law, and takes students to law firm. Students are also able to go into the judge’s chambers. Each year, a student is chosen to receive a $2,500 scholarship.

Southwestern Law School

Conducts a semester long Street Law Class—Serves 30-60 students per year

Teen Court – Judge Wesley

Approximately 45 students monthly serve as jurors for real cases of LAUSD students who opt to have their cases tried by Teen Court.

UCLA Law School

Conducts a semester long Street Law class. Serves approximately 17-32 students

USC Law School

Invites 20-30 students to act as jurors for its Mock Trial

Legacy Ladies

Our goal is to provide life altering experiences for those who want to participate in our leadership program

Team HEAL Foundation

 Helping Enrich Athletes Lives