Dorsey High School

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School Rules

Students must respect the rights of classmates and peers to learn in a safe environment and respect the professional authority of all staff members. Harassment, verbal threats, name-calling and any form of disruptive behavior are unacceptable. Consequences:
  • Students are required to bring pencils, pens, notebooks, and textbooks to class.
  • Smoking is not permitted at any time on school premises or during school activities.
  • Physical attacks (fights) or verbal threats or loitering will result in citations, suspension opportunity transfers, expulsion, and/or arrest.
  • Electronic devices such as beepers, pagers, cellular telephones, radios headphones, tape players, CD players, etc., are not to be brought on campus. The school assumes no liability for their theft or loss. Refusing to give an electronic device to a staff member is an act of defiance and is subject to progressive disciplinary action.
  • Gambling, theft of school/personal property or the defacing of school property will not be tolerated. Students are subject to police citation or arrest, suspension and/or expulsion. The student and family will be required to pay damages incurred for vandalism based upon the prevailing maintenance or replacement costs.
  • All students must participate in random weapon search. Students found with weapons on their person or in their belongings, including lockers, as well as those identified with weapons will be arrested. Discipline includes suspension and recommendation for expulsion.
  • ID cards must be carried at all times and shown upon request of school personnel. Cards are required for purchasing tickets and admission to all school activities. There is a charge for replacement of a card.
  • Students who possess, sell or are under the influence of any controlled substance will be subject to arrest, suspension, opportunity transfer, citation and/or expulsion.
  • Racially motivated incidents as well as other hate crimes and bias motivated incidents, including sexual harassment, will not he tolerated. Such behavior is grounds for suspension and/or expulsion.
  • No food, gum, or drinks are permitted in the classrooms, auditorium, or library during class time.
  • Students are not allowed out of class during class time without a school ID and hall pass.
  • Students must have a permit to park on campus. Parking permits may be purchased in the student store upon proof of driver's license, car registration and insurance. Student cars parked in areas other than the student parking lot are subject to citation.