Dorsey High School

Summer School: June 18 to July 20                          Class of 2019 Fundraising Event @ Cerritos College: June 23, 2018                                           9th Grade Orientation: August 4, 2018 @10am                                      First Day of Instruction for Fall 2018: August 14, 2018                          Registration: August 6-7 (9am-12pm)

Dorsey Video Honored - BHERC Opening Night - Friday, April 27th!!!


Silent Films 

Penalty Box Filmmakers:  Christian Dixon, Kylah Williams, Anthony Walker & Debarrie Sealy. A bullied kid, a strange box and a lesson about Karma you sometimes have to take into your own hands.


Locked Doors  Filmmakers: Joshan Fuqua, Alex Sanche, Keeshawn Johnson

A student struggles to find an unlocked bathroom before its too late.



Web Series Pilots  

The Creep  Filmmakers: Denyce Livingston, Kannesha Foust, Sarah Washington, Maria Ramirez-Garcia and Marissa Desira. A web series pilot about a missing high school student that no one wants to remember.


The Alternative Filmmakers:  Brenda Alas, Eric Wilson, Heanok Melese, Audrid Salgado, Francisco Vargas and Ryan Willi. A web series pilot about a group of misfits recruited to solve campus crimes.


He’s Off:  Filmmakers:  Mikal Gammage, Christyen Holmes, Hunter Smith, Sterlin Stewart, Khaleeb Webb, Jerin Wilson and James Barrett. Strange happenings around campus points to one student but only one person has figured out he’s off.



CalArts/Dorsey Summer Film Intensive Projects

Through His Eyes Cinematography by Alex Sanchez. A schizophrenic does not take his medication and stuggles with his day.


Between the Two of Us: Screenwriter:  Joy Stewart. A friendship is challenged because of a secret.


Lisa’s Hayday:  Director:  Reginald Hall Armstrong   Cinematography:  Ramon Gonzalez. A teenager learns a hard lesson about ditching school and trespassing.




School to Prison Pipeline:  

Filmmakers:  Shania Malone, Malaya Williams, and Samadje Watson

Explores how the School To Prison Pipeline impacts Dorsey Students.


Making a Difference:  

Filmmakers:  Michael Turner Malani Brown April Arterberry Nicole Slack Isaac Kismuna. Students on campus strive to improve public perception of Dorsey