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News and Announcements

Dorsey's 3rd Annual Health & Wellness Fair - April 21st

Dorsey is excited to be hosting the 3rd annual health and wellness fair April 21st from 10a to 2p. The fair is open to our students and community. The purpose of this event is to bring health awareness to our community and create an awareness of the services that are available in our locality.
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Team Heal Honors Dorsey High School's Alejandra Merriman

Alex joined the Team HEAL Foundation in July of 2014 when she became the certified athletic trainer for Dorsey High School. She provides sports medicine services to about 300 student-athletes through the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of emergent, acute or chronic injuries and medical conditions. At Dorsey, not only does she serve as the athletic trainer, but also serves as a Regional Occupational Program teacher teaching sports medicine, sports therapeutics, and medical terminology. Alex holds a single subject teaching credential in Health Sciences and Medical Technology through LACOE.
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Winter Plus – Credit Recovery Program

“Winter Plus” is a concentrated effort that will provide an accelerated credit recovery option through Individualized Instruction Labs. This will take place during winter break and 10 Saturdays to provide time for student success.
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Dorsey and CalArts Partner to Bring Animation Program

This school year, CalArts alumna Yasmin Joyner is teaching the new CAP animation class — part of the Dorsey Media Academy — sponsored by Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto’s Exploring the Arts foundation. The class, open to all students at the school, is also integrated in a workforce development partnership (WDP) between CalArts and Dorsey that aims to connect Dorsey students to college preparation and career opportunities in the creative economy. (All CAP classes implement career and college preparation methods.) This year, as a first step in establishing the WDP, CalArts and Dorsey launched the Summer Film Academy to provide 150 students with intensive instruction in both animation and live-action film. The academy will return next year with more lessons spanning creative, technical, entrepreneurial and marketing aspects of the industry.
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