Dorsey High School

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News and Announcements

Dorsey and CalArts Partners to Bring Animation Program

This school year, CalArts alumna Yasmin Joyner is teaching the new CAP animation class — part of the Dorsey Media Academy — sponsored by Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto’s Exploring the Arts foundation. The class, open to all students at the school, is also integrated in a workforce development partnership (WDP) between CalArts and Dorsey that aims to connect Dorsey students to college preparation and career opportunities in the creative economy. (All CAP classes implement career and college preparation methods.) This year, as a first step in establishing the WDP, CalArts and Dorsey launched the Summer Film Academy to provide 150 students with intensive instruction in both animation and live-action film. The academy will return next year with more lessons spanning creative, technical, entrepreneurial and marketing aspects of the industry.
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Dorsey Students Learn the Importance of HBCU's at the Black College Expo

“We are a group attempting to eliminate the stereotypes of young black men,” said Darryl McKellar, a teacher at Dorsey. “We wanted to get them some exposure to what’s out there. Not just colleges, but further career choices. And we’re getting them to improve their communication skills. They have to learn how to talk to people so that they can become better, and help their communities become better.”
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